Whole or Half

Bellingar Hog


Price is charged on the hanging weight and includes the price of the hog purchased through Bellingar Packing as well as the basic processing. Any extras will be charged as listed below.

Processing Pork

*Prices Subject to Change at Any Time*

Processing Pork



Cut, Vacuum Pack & Frozen


Single Steak/Chop Per Package


Standard Smoking


Hickory (Standard)
Flavored Smoking $1.05/lb
-Jalapeno Garlic
-All Natural $1.20

Sausage Bulk


Sausage Patties


Sausage Links


Sausage Flavors

-Sweet Italian
-Apple Cinnamon
*Flavored Sausage add $.30 to product


$2.25/lb or $2.75/lb with Cheese

-Green Pepper Onion
-Bacon Cheese
-Jalapeno Cheese

Shaved Ham


Pulled Pork Cooked by Bellingars


Marinated Meat


Ring Bologna


Hot Dogs

$3.00 or $3.50/lb with Cheese

Snack Stick

$3.50/lb or $4.00/lb with Cheese

1/2# Packages


Standard Packages are 1#
-Shaved Ham

Waste Disposal Fee

$5.00 Per Order