Whole or Half



Cut, Wrap & Frozen


Price is based on hanging weight & includes Pork, Processing & Basic Smoking Prices apply to Pork purchased through Bellingar Packing.

Sausage Flavors

Regular, Maple, Spicy, Hot, Sweet Italian, Chorizo, Apple Cinnamon

Hickory (standard), Maple, Pepper, Cajun, Jalapeno & Garlic

Processing Pork

Processing Pork



Cut, Vacuum Pack, Frozen


Hickory Smoking


All Natural Meats ADD


Flavored Meats ADD


Sausage- Bulk






Brats (various Flavors)


With Cheese $2.75/lb

Smoked Brats


With cheese $3.25/lb

Smokey Links


Sausage Grind & Season


Shaved Ham


Hot Dogs


With Cheese $3.50/lb

Ring Bologna


1/2# packages of bacon- extra $.50/lb

Pulled Pork cooked by Bellingar Packing


Smoked Spare Ribs & Baby Back Ribs