Hog Roasting

Hog Roasting

Price per Pound from Hanging Weight (Includes butcher fee)

160 and Up


159 -140


139 - 125


124 and under


Butcher Fee of Roasting Hog


***We Must Have $150.00 Down Payment to Place Order***

Roaster Rental


(Uses 60 - 80# of charcoal) Uses 2 inch ball to hook on roaster.

Cooking of Hog by Bellingar Packing


(That includes Roaster, Charcoal, and Cutting up of hog.) *BBQ Sauce & Pans are extra! *Over 50 miles is extra! (Applies only if Bellingar Packing cooks hog)

Fresh Ham


Pork Butt


Boneless Pork Butt


**Shrinks 50% from fresh to cooked**